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Ankara Agreement

Ankara Agreement was signed in Ankara between the European Economic Community countries and Turkey in 1963. With the Ankara Agreement, Turkish citizens gained work rights in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Types of visas other than the Ankara Agreement self-employment visa.please click for more detail »

Immigration and Nationality Law

KANATU GROUP is among the most distinguished, pioneering and experienced law-abiding company in the United Kingdom and engages in transactions with a high sense of responsibility towards its clients and commitment to ethical rules. Combine law, cost and client requirements to provide the most effective solution possibilities to the clients with in international standards and high quality of service.

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Spouse and Dependant Child Visas

It is a type of visa in the UK where spouses, fiancées and partners can apply under appropriate circumstances.

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Indefinite Visas

Person who has indefinite visa does not need to apply for a visa again except for special circumstances.

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Persons who has indefinite visa in the UK can apply for citizenship after waiting a year, except for special circumstances.

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