About Kanatu Group

Our esteemed clients and business partners;

Since its foundation, Kanatu Group has been successful and pioneering in every sector it has been active in since its establishment. It is obliged to follow its growth in the international arena and to pursue the technology in the best way and honestly.

With this management approach; immigration and citizenship law, accounting, UK visa transactions, legal consulting, investment consulting, business plan creation and development, real estate consulting.

The Kanatu Group represents innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and social responsibility. In this direction, we will pursue an active policy for our clients to assess new business and investment opportunities. At the moment we are one of the best companies in the UK not only in legal advice but also in real estate consultancy.

I believe in the coming periods, we will sign new achievements in the fields we operate and make a difference with innovative approaches. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my employees, partners and all our social partners for their trust, support and cooperation.

Nedim Kanatu

Our Mission

It is represented among the most exclusive, pioneering and experienced lawyer of the United Kingdom and has a high sense of responsibility towards its clients and a commitment to ethical conduct. It provides the most effective solutions to its clients with high quality of service by blending the law, cost and client requirements with international standards.

Every legal problem related to Immigration and Citizenship aims to offer fast, comprehensive and effective solutions.


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